Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Drawings Part 2

New Artist Statement

Justin Taylor Artist Statement
I draw sometimes to forget and sometimes to remember. Drawing is of great importance to me. I am fascinated with the aspects of drawing, marks which are able to express my feelings for form, space, light and movement. I also consider drawing to be a personal, searching process, and a tool for developing my observation and memory. Drawing intricate lines with multiple curves is much relaxing to me and drawing with soft and hard lines to make shades and different line qualities. My approach to animation relies greatly on drawing. I think it is unique how art is made from simple lines and shades. My print work evolves slowly. It allows me to see what is happening gradually. I use an ebony pencil on either newsprint or nice bond paper. I like to draw lightly to form structure. I use dark lines to give the drawing some different line quality and some value as well. After each drawing I stand back and ask what can I improve on? I always feel my skills need improvement no matter how great I get.

Artist Research

Gunter Grass